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Support Assurance Program

The Engage Packaging Group Support Assurance Program is designed to help users protect their investment and provide peace of mind on their packaging line. Our certified technicians will help extend the life of your machines while restoring the equipment’s original functionality and capability.

2 year preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your existing equipment will continue to run at the production levels found in new packaging equipment. Engage Packaging Group’s comprehensive program includes:

  • Four, one-day scheduled visits over a 24-month period; limited to four machines per visit

  • Visual inspection for worn or broken parts

  • Machine assessment to ensure machine is appropriately adjusted and running properly

  • Technician recommended machine enhancements

  • Machine operation and maintenance training

  • Delivery of comprehensive report detailing each completed task with recommendations

  • 5% discount off any parts needed for preventative maintenance program

  • Travel, car rental, hotel, and meals charged at cost

Pricing for the Two Year Preventative Maintenance Program is R70,000 plus travel expenses

Preventative Maintenance Program

We provide installation and training services for all of our equipment. At the time of installation, our technician will train you on the theory of operation and general preventative maintenance of your machines. Pricing for installs is

R 6000 plus travel expenses (maximum of 2 days for installation). Training is R 7000/day plus travel expenses.

Installs and Training
Equipment Audits, Refurbish and Upgrades

Optimize the reliability and efficiency of your packaging machinery with our on-site equipment audit. Our technician will assess, repair, replace, or adjust parts on your equipment to ensure your equipment is running at maximum efficiency. Engage Packaging Group also provides refurbishing and machine upgrade services. Technicians will evaluate and offer recommendations for refurbishing and upgrading machines based on the condition of your machine. Pricing for Equipment Audits is R 1000/hour on site, R600 per hour of travel time plus travel expenses. Refurbish and upgrade pricing varies on time and materials

Technical Support and Spare Parts Kits

Engage Packaging Technicians are available with installation and programming questions, mechanical problems or service questions. Our service technicians can also provide Return Authorization numbers if you need to return components for warranty or non-warranty repair. In addition, Engage Packaging Technicians can recommend a Spare Parts Kit for your equipment to ensure you have common wear parts on hand. There is no charge for phone technical support. Spare Part Kit pricing varies for the type of kit ordered.

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