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Tamper Proof Shrink sleeve labeling
Shrink sleeve label applicator

The XL-150 Shrink Sleeve Label and Tamper Evident Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The XL-150 Shrink Sleeve Label and Tamper Evident Band applicator from American Film & Machinery is a mid-range labeling machine designed for middle, full body, and full body and cap applications. The XL-150 is designed for low to moderate production rates and is a perfect solution for many industries.

Increase Your Workflow

XL-150 is an in-line single-head mandrel style labeling system engineered to meet the demand of your workflow. The XL-150 can be rolled up to any conveyor to provide accurate shrink sleeve placement up to 300 products per minute. The machine’s sturdy Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) design and construction provides for 24 hour operation, while its’ standard dual unwind system allows continued operation with only a brief splicing stop. Product runs are programmed with the user-friendly touch-screen control panel HMI, featuring standard and custom menus that can be password protected for an added layer of security.

Guaranteed Precision. Quick Changeover.

Size change overs are simple and quick. The cut length can be changed electronically by utilizing the control panels’ touch screen interface. For different product diameters, a new timing screw and bullet (mandrel) can be installed in minutes, while different product heights are accommodated by raising or lowering the machine with a turn-screw mechanism. The XL-150 comes with our quick change system for switching mandrels with a turn of a knob. Along with the mandrel, the cutter assembly has only two levers to turn, keeping your downtime to a minimum

Shrink sleeve labelling machines

The multiple-blade rotational cutting mechanism provides smooth and even cutting at high speeds.

Shrink sleeve labels

Standard dual roll film unwind and tension control systems maintain optimal in-feed tension needed for high speed operations

labeling machine for shrink sleeves

Easy-to-use hand crank allows for ideal height adjustment on virtually any conveyor.

Optional Features



  • Mandrel for non-cylindrical containers

  • Cradle belt label stopper

  • Vertical and T perforation units

  • Label tamp down device

  • Date code / lot code printer

  • Dual timing screw assembly

  • Motorized height adjustment

  • Siemens PLC and servo motor option

  • Panasonic servo motor option

labeling machine for shrink sleeves
Technical Specifications



  • Power: 3 Phase 220/380/400/440V 50/60Hz

  • Film Thickness: 0.035mm – 0.07mm

  • Film Lay Flat: 40mm – 240mm

  • Cut Length: 30mm – 200mm

  • Machine Dimensions: 853mm (W) x 1090mm (L) x 

  • 850-2150mm (H) 

  • Speed: 50 – 300CPM




  • Round cylindrical mandrel

  • Cutter assembly

  • Single timing screw unit

  • Photo eye for registered cutting

  • Label brush down device

  • Dual roll unwind system & tension control

Tamper Proof Shrink sleeve applicator Applicator
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